About Elaine


At the heart of every scientist is a commitment to facts, integrity, and truth. I begin this new journey after serving for 21 years as a National Laboratory Scientist on Long Island. Time after time I’ve seen how science and imagination connect us – and dare us to dream of what’s possible. I believe if we harness that spirit, together we can be a force for good in the next great chapter of New York’s first congressional district and our nation.

— Elaine DiMasi

Serving Our District with Science

Elaine spent two decades as Project Manager and Physicist at Brookhaven National Laboratory, delivering real-world solutions to our community in energy, environment, and most important, our health.

  • She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Penn State University and her Doctorate Degree from the University of Michigan.
  • Her blue-collar family roots from Pennsylvania steel mills give Elaine a deep-seated respect & admiration for hard working men & women.

Putting the Power of Knowledge to Work for Long Islanders

Elaine is a life-long environmentalist who knows, first-hand, the potential of clean energy jobs to transform Long Island’s economy and environment.

To help Long Island thrive, Elaine is deeply committed to a government of transparency and inclusiveness, one that reflects all of its citizens.

As a great-grand-daughter of immigrants who came to our shores in search of the American Dream, Elaine knows that a future of endless possibility is well within reach.

Elaine will fight every day for ALL the people of District 1: to ensure we have clean safe water; to help create new, burgeoning clean energy jobs; to challenge this recent, unfair tax law that taxes Long Islanders twice; to protect women’s reproductive health; and, to make sure that everyone in District 1 has an equal voice.

“I dare to believe in a government that cares for all its people equally, is responsive to them and their concerns. An American future that values equality for its people, that opens doors of opportunity for all. An America that leads by example through its laws and practices to ensure the dignity, wellbeing, and freedom of all people.”