Congress needs to protect the DREAMers. 

Who are the they? They are 787,000 undocumented Americans, brought to this country as children, who receive protection from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

DREAMers contribute to American society and our economy. They love this country. They pledge allegiance to our flag and several hundred serve this great nation in our Armed Forces. In fact, they are Americans in many ways, except on paper.

DACA emancipated these young, hardworking people. I will never back down from protecting them, their families, nor the bright future we will all share when their status in this country is protected. To revoke DACA protections is immoral, cruel, and wholly un-American.

Also, I support foreign policy reforms in areas where the U.S has supported oppressive governments that force people to flee their homelands. We must introduce dignity and humanity into any and all international trade agreement that do not raise standards of living around the globeā€“or worse, have created entire populations of economic refugees.