April 3, 2018

Elaine DiMasi Calls on Congress to Pass a Clean DREAM Act

Media contact: Gabriella Novello, gabriella@elainedimasi.com

RONKONKOMA, N.Y.—Elaine DiMasi: Democratic Congressional Candidate Elaine DiMasi (NY-01) released the following statement today on the urgency to pass a clean DREAM Act:

“This talk of ‘illegals’ and ‘political pawns’ must stop. I don’t expect the President to change his ways. He wants to see us fighting. The rest of us, however, should know better. I call on Congress right now, both chambers, all parties, to pass a clean DREAM Act with a veto-proof majority. We’ve referred to our fellow human beings as bargaining chips, we’ve referred to governance as a bargaining table, for far too long. We are not here to broker commodities. We are here to solve problems and save lives. Pass the DREAM Act now. Then, let’s set ourselves to the task of further reform of our immigration system so its true foundation can shine anew. We’ll protect families, extend a hand of compassion to victims of catastrophe, and welcome new skills and diversity to build an even stronger United States of America.”

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